On June 2, 2023, the V International Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023 took place in Kiev –  the largest forum in Ukraine in the field of grain storage, processing, logistics and trading.

This year, Convex International GmbH served as the event’s general partner.

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, the agricultural business continues to operate and make plans for the future, which supports the workforce and the economy of the state.

The main goal of the forum is to analyze the current situation, highlight the main problems, find and develop solutions to ensure stable operation and improve the efficiency of grain production, processing, trading and logistics of agricultural products in wartime.

Thirty speakers participated in the discussion, including leading industry experts, top management of Agroholdings of Ukraine, heads of international companies, including Pavel Golovenko, the manager of Convex International GmbH and Benjamin Ruhlmann, a lawyer at the law firm AdvoCtrl, with the topic: “Opportunities for international trade. European Free Markets and Government Regulation “.