Dear friends and partners, we are in hurry to share interesting news with you!
Our company “Convex International GmbH” within the strategic program of integration into the Ukrainian market of the best European technologies for processing and storage of grain held a number of important and interesting meetings on November 22-23, 2021.


On November 22, a meeting was held with one of the largest Ukrainian agro-industrial holdings – Astarta-Kiyv. Valerij Sokolenco – Executive Director and Vyacheslav Kolosvetov –Commercial Director of the agricultural holding warmly welcomed our group.
Our company Convex International GmbH was represented by the beneficiary Pavel Golovenko. The leading German compound feed producer and our strategic partner AMANDUS KAHL GmbH was represented by its chairman, Honorary President of the European Feeds Production association – Joachim Behrmann and by Michail Dolud – Senior Expert on Eastern European Markets.
Astarta-Kiyv perspective plans for construction of feed mills, based on their regional clusters, were discussed at the meeting. Agricultural holding was very interested with years of cooperation experience of Convex International GmbH and AMANDUS KAHL on markets of Belarus, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, since this cooperation is unique model of complete control and maintenance of the implementation of feed mills project:
Design engineering
Project funding
Organization and control of supply logistics
Chief installation and output to the specified parameters, and main- undivided responsibility for each of the stages of the process.


On November 23 was no less significant meeting with biggest feed producer in Ukraine – group of companies Inter Edinstvo Holding.
We were warmly received by the CEO of the company – Sergej Bakum with its key specialists and directors of structural enterprises.
80% of the Inter Edinstvo Holding products are sold in export markets. The regular buyers – long-tern partners of company, expressed their interest in the purchase of grain processing products, which Edinstvo was not yet produced, but using a unique raw material base would have the opportunity to establish its production.
In this regard, chairman AMANDUS KAHL – Joachim Behrmann and Michail Dolud held an interesting presentation of their products and technologies that are already being actively implemented in European enterprises and, of course, will have tremendous success after implementation in Ukraine.
Processing of corn grains (other types) to produce cereals, including for the brewing industry, flour, starch, gluten, embryo and others;
Extraction of grain embryo (corn, oats, other), followed by oil squeezing;
Processing starch using biotechnological processes to produce modified starch, maltodextrin, glucose, sorbitol, fructose, bioethanol, organic acids, other;
Production of protein food isolates and feed concentrates from sunflower, soya, rapeseed, peas, other cereals;
Production of pet food and food for fish.
The result of our meetings with the largest Ukrainian companies Astarta-Kiyv and Inter Edinstvo Holding were agreed plans for further cooperation, development of technical tasks and planning of joint implementation of projects in the near foreseeable future.
The issue of processing raw materials and production of products that form a high added value, today is a very acute in Ukraine. The country has long been ready to become not only an exporter of cereals, but also an active producer of high-quality and competitive processing products with further implementation in domestic and foreign markets.
Private business is ready to invest in new enterprises and find markets. We hope that the state at its level will support and focus the program of agricultural development with a vector for livestock production and, accordingly, for the production of feed.
The Convex International GmbH company thanks our Ukrainian partners for their trust, appreciated experience and interest in implementing joint projects.